Swoonworthy Authors


I am a proud bookwormdragon that can often be found carrying stacks of books double my size, eyeing the books other people are carrying around me, and casually poking people with beignets until they read my latest favorite read (they do not get them unless they read it mwahahahahaha 😘 ). But nothing can compare to the craziness that descends when I find out one of my all time swooniest** writers is releasing a new book. PREPARE THE KRAKEN. It’s time to raid the bookstore. *insert pirate book emoji*

**Swooniest as in their words are like butter. As good as melted chocolate. They briefly mention food and you’re dreaming about it for weeks afterwards. Also…. plot twists and snark and all the FEELS. And this theme goes with Top Ten Tuesday as hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


The Swoony YA Authors

Most of these are well known, but if you haven’t read them, go buy a ginormous bag of chocolate, make a huge pot of coffee and buckle down for some awesomeness.

Marissa Meyer – who I have actually met TWICE before and barely squeaked out 4 words because OMG IT’S MARISSA MEYER. And have I mentioned how YUMMY the descriptions in Heartless are?!?!?!

Amie Kaufman – PLOT TWIST QUEEN who has convinced me I like Sci-Fi?!? I’ve always boycotted Sci-Fi because technical science/space terms = time for nap, but I just read These Broken Stars and I may be converted. Review to come….

Jay Kristoff – a diabolic mastermind whose snark is only matched by his epic worldbuilding. I still need to read Nevernight and I’m over here slowly dying of need.


Rick Riordan = SNARK and MYTHOLOGY and have I mentioned the SNARK?!?! His characters and plots are so much plain fun and laugh out loud funny (which I had to type out because serious laughter here, not that minor chuckling stuff 😝)

Garth Nix = Crazy versatile writer who got me back into reading YA with the Abhorsen series. Newt’s Emerald is a super light read in comparison but I devoured it and want mooooooore.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes = The only contemporary writer on here – her Naturals series is like YA Criminal Minds and could possibly give you nightmares? But her Fixer series is less scary, more political thriller with a character twist that made me want to cry because NO. JUST NO.


The Swoony Adult Authors

Susanna Kearsley – IS MY QUEEN. Her historical/contemporary novels have dual timelines and just make me so happy. There’s always a little bit of mystery/suspense to make the plot interesting for those not into the characters or historical side of things, but her male leads just make me want to move to the UK and snuggle.

Michelle Moran – What do Ancient Egypt, Napoleonic France, and pre-British invasion India have in common? Moran has written great fiction books about them! I love her diversity in settings with great characters and writing that you don’t struggle to picture/feel immersed in.


Mercedes Lackey – MY FANTASY QUEEN. Usually not that dark, her Valdemar books were my intro into fantasy books and I go back whenever I feel a little blue. She writes fantasy 1920-30s books which are awesome for those that like historical fantasy, a whole series based on fairytales, the Valdemar books, and my current favorite, The Hunter dystopian YA series featuring Hell Hounds. Oh, and more.

V.E. Schwab – WHERE ARE MY FEELS!?! OH LOOK, THEY HAVE BEEN CRUSHED BY ANOTHER SCHWAB BOOK. Her writing is so good. Her settings so unique. Her characters so cinnamon roll-y.

Let’s Talk!

What are some authors you fangirl over??? What do you think of my choices? Have you read/loved any of their books too??


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  1. kmbooks24 says:

    YES TO ALL THE SCHWAB LOVE!!! She is amazing, I am now a huge fan! I also love SJM, JK Rowling, and Rainbow Rowell! I’m sure there are others I’m missing but of course I can’t think of them now haha. So great to see a new post from you, Becca! I missed you dearly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Becca says:

      I’ve never read any Rainbow Rowell!! What’s your favorite from her???


      1. kmbooks24 says:

        Omg 😱😱I LOVE Fangirl (I’ve read it twice) and Eleanor & Park ☺️❀️


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