TTT: Books that made me flail like a dragon and fall off of chairs

2016 was a year of me and chairs not getting along. Picture it, Sicily 1931, a dragon lounging among pillows when something amazing happens in the book and amongst my joyous (or raging) flailing, pillows start to fly and WHAM. Dragon on the floor. After a stern lecture, my chair is properly sorry (<- it now has flowers sitting nearby) and everything is dandy until the next amazing book and I somehow end up on the floor once again. Now I have a floor reading nest as 2016 had some FANTABULOUS READS AND I’M GOING TO BE WONDERFUL AND SHARE MY FAVORITES. Because obviously our TBRs are awfully small at the start of a new year and we all need to add more books to their towering heights. ;p


This list only features the books I actually own, because the library frowns on me keeping their books forever. #BookwormProblems.


This Savage Song * A Darker Shade of Magic

HEY LOOK, IT’S SCHWAB! ❤ ❤ I read both of these epically fantastic, book boyfriend inspiring, stylishly villainous books this year and OMG THE LOVE. August is one of my favorite characters of the year and the world building/fantasy choices in A Darker Shade of Magic are just mind blowing! I have debated storming the castle asking the publishers by bribing them with cookies nicely for ARCs of the next books but have not gotten up the courage yet.


Illuminae * Gemina

Over 50% of my bookstagram is This Savage Song and Gemina/Illuminae and I REGRET NOTHING. The plots of both of these are SO FAST, SO EPIC and SO SASSY (yes plots can be sassy. My plot bunnies pillow warns me they are coming… if that is not sassy I don’t know what is! :P). The formatting is ridiculously intricate and well-put-together. I quickly forgot that I wasn’t reading a regular book until epic space battles made me realize that bending your head upside down to read a book is a lot harder than just turning the book itself. (You’re welcome for the warning! ❤ 😉 )


The Hammer of Thor * A Torch against the Night * The Diabolic

All three of these books got 4 star reviews from me (I think??? I don’t even remember what star I gave Hammer of Thor), but all of them were so entertaining that I remember bits and pieces even after binge reading other books since! The Hammer of Thor was not my favorite Riordan book out of all, but OMG THE SCENE WITH QUORUMS ❤ ❤ I VIVIDLY remember that part of the book because it called to the nerd in me SO MUCH. ATATN was really good, but also so horrifying to the MCs that I’m slightly scared of the sequel….. and the Diabolic was :O … I need to work on a review for that bad boy. ALL THE THOUGHTS.


Don’t Turn Around * The Winter Sea * Elite

These are three VERY different books, but I adore them all with the passion of a phoenix. Don’t Turn Around is a by the seat of your shoelaces YA thriller with hacking and sneaking out of bedrooms and a badass heroine with her naive-ish male sidekick. The Winter Sea is a cozy romance that makes me want to move to Scotland and be a writer who hallucinates in castles (#TotallyReasonableLifeGoal). Elite has FLUFFY HELL HOUNDS FROM MULTIPLE MYTHOLOGIES, a heroine pushing the bounds of known magic while dealing with an internal conspiracy, mysterious and sassy “Wild Fae” (who do not appear that often *sad face*), and more. Basically these books = candy.


Let’s Talk!

What books did you read this year that caused you to have arguments with your furniture? Is there anything that automatically makes you pick up a book?? 


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  1. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to make a best-books list and not include Schwab, so I’m 100% with you on that! I did love ADSOM/AGOS more than This Savage Song, though.

    And I can’t wait for your review for The Diabolic! I enjoyed that book. 😊

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    1. Becca says:

      Making this list was really close to impossible but Schwab was at the top of my choices! I haven’t read AGOS yet 🙈 a friend of mine didn’t like it as much as ADSOM so I’ve been putting it off. You liked it?!??


      1. I liked AGOS, but I have to admit that it took FOREVER for the plot to really get going! I feel like I was waiting for ages for things (that I want to happen) to happen, haha. I still loved it, though, and I really think the series is worth continuing. 😉

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  2. I read three Schwab books this year, and I hope to read even more in 2017 (I have 2 of her older titles on my TBR shelves). I hope 2017 is full of awesome books!

    My Top Ten Tuesday


  3. Run Wright says:

    I haven’t met Schwab yet myself. I hope to soon.


    1. Becca says:

      That would be so cool to meet Schwab!!

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