Witty Wednesday Words: The Hammer of Thor

Because alliteration makes everything better? (this is where you nod your head ;p)

With the help of the fabulous Kalli (over at K the Ravenous Reader), I made up my own version of an established meme for Wednesdays because I’ve been eyeing a SECOND Tuesday Meme, Teaser Tuesdays. However there is no way in falafel that I can write a second post for Tuesday plus all my other regular posts (which I adore and will not abandon for anything less than 500 golden-haired sheep (actual gold!), preferably with their own castle and yard so that I have a castle and they can keep the grass short for me) without becoming a zombie book blogger who eats her socks because they are orange colored and therefore must be oranges. (<- sleep deprivation is dangerous!)

In lieu of being a zombie, we thought up Witty Wednesday, where I basically do the fabulousness of a Tuesday Teaser but … on Wednesday (surprise! ;p). I plan to alternate this with Covers I Covet (my new Thursday shopping excuse post theme) so as not to overload myself (especially during the upcoming epicness that is November).

The host of Teaser Tuesdays is MizB over at Books and a Beat and it’s really simple: grab your current read and post two “teaser” sentences or sections (non-spoilers!) from that book. (I tend to write these posts a week or two in advance, so I may also post a review of this book or other books prior to featuring them here!)

My Current Read: Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor

By Rick Riordan

p. 56 –

“AWRGG!” Halfborn yelled – which was Old Norse for HOLY CRUD THERE’S A DRAGON!- just before the lindworm smacked him into the sky. Judging from the arc, Halfborn Gunderson was going to end up somewhere around floor twenty-nine, which would be a surprise to anyone relaxing on their balcony.

p. 120 – (This ENTIRE PASSAGE MADE ME CHUCKLE SO BAD GUYS ❤ ❤ It also lasts for a couple pages :D)

“Arvid,” he said, “we’ve been locked in this chamber for centuries. Of course we have a quorum! We’re all present because we can’t leave!”

“Then I move that we call this meeting to order,” said another dead man.

“Oh, for the love of Thor!” Gellir compained. “We’re here to massacre these mortals, feed on their flesh, and take their souls. That’s obvious.

Let’s Talk!

Have you read the Hammer of Thor yet?? What’s your favorite Riordan book? Grab your current read and post a teaser below!! I’m super curious *stares at screen in excitement for chuckles*


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ahh, I need to read more Riordan. I finished the PJ series and the HoO series but haven’t managed to pick op the new Apollo series yet OR this one. I do enjoy his writing though and I love that his books are lighthearted and fun.

    This one sounds really great and I love the quotes you picked. 🙂


    1. Becca says:

      I really LOVE the Magnus Chase series! If you enjoyed PJ and HoO, then you’d enjoy this one too. 🙂


  2. kmbooks24 says:

    Hahaha yesss you made Witty Wednesdays happen! I love it! I think I need to join in on the fun-I’ll have to do this next week. I am totally digging the quotes you picked! They are hilarious 😂


    1. Becca says:

      Then I promptly failed at doing it ever again! Did you get around to doing Witty Wednesdays?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kmbooks24 says:

        Nope haha. I can barely keep up with Top Ten Tuesday 🙈 I might give it a go at some point though!


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