TTT: Ten Books that would be better with ghosts


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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday post is a Halloween Freebie — I was sorely tempted to blog about candy ;p , but ultimately settled for something REMOTELY book related -> books that would be better with GHOSTS. (We’ve had a vampire craze, a werewolf craze, but the poor ghostly beings haven’t had a chance to SHINE… *giggles at own pun*)*

* Note: These ghosts don’t have to be scary, but they DO need to be snarky. Luckily, I have some suggestions to help with that. 😉

Books that already have fantasy elements (but no GHOSTIES? WHY??)

My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows – this book is pretty hilarious on its’ own, but a ghostly Henry VIII that wanders around hiding from his 6 ghostly wives is just too comical an idea to pass up!

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton – another read I adored, but I don’t remember any ghosts in this?? There are djinni and other fabulous mythical beings, but I vote there needs to be at least ONE gun possessed by a tiny spirit who lives off of gunpowder residue. When feeling helpful, it can help bullets hit multiple people!

Bohemian Gospel by Dana Chamblee Carpenter – This book is an interesting mish-mash of history and primarily one fantasy element, but the setting was really unique. The main character, Mouse, doesn’t have a soul (only explanation is that her dad was the Devil) and thus cannot die/has super senses and some other things. She is pretty lonely most of the book because of that, which is why she needed a ghostly sidekick! Maybe it could even be her separated soul??

Books that have no fantasy elements (the poor canoodles)

See How They Run by Ally Carter – this book was sooooo boring! I loved book one, but it felt like NOTHING HAPPENED in book two. I vote Grace’s parents come back from the dead and start wrecking havoc on the idiots who killed them, because THAT would be much more interesting. 😉

As White as Snow by Salla Simukka – Translated from Finnish, this is the second in a series featuring a contemporary Snow White with a thriller/suspense plot. Book one (As Red As Blood) WAS AMAZING, book two was meh. (<- unintentional theme seems to be developing!) A lot of focus is on her woe-is-me feelings for her ex-boyfriend (who is transitioning medically and she is super supportive, but he broke up with her before the book starts), which I don’t mind (the woe-is-me-ing) if it doesn’t OVERTAKE the rest of the plot…. and this did. >.< She needs a ghostly companion to get her re-focused and to shove delicious chocolate into her face. 🙂

Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth – A purely historical retelling of Rapunzel, I did mostly enjoy this book, but Selena (the witch of the tale) totally deserves a good haunting. This ghost would be less snarky and more “Let me ruin your dreams and make you tear your hair out in fear.”


Lockwood & Co series by Jonathan Stroud – I would LOVE to visit this world system, even though I’m pretty sure a ghost would spot my ASAP and then I would be dead, turned into a ghost and be stuck. I just don’t want to hang out with the Skull in the Jar all day >.<

Delia’s Shadow by Jamie Lee Moyer – I have to space out my reading of this series, because there are some pretty horrendous serial killers/ghostly hauntings that Delia sees (and reports to her policeman of a husband) *definitely NIGHTMARE worthy* The setting is PHENOMENALLY described though.

The Girl from the Well/The Suffering by Rin Chupeco – Okiku is a ghost partially-driven by the horrible event that MADE her into a ghost centuries before. The first book was so-so, but the SECOND BOOK GUYS -> IT IS ALL OF THE AWESOME!!! Set in a suicide forest in Japan, there is an entire ghost town full of creepy, nasty ghosts that Tark and Okiku must try and “save”/release. (Also, I’m counting this as two books because I need to get back to my Nano project 😉 )

Let’s Talk!

What are your favorite books featuring ghosts? What other monsters or mythical creatures do you want to see more of in books?



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