Friday Fun (& short) Reviews: Hunter and Elite

Writing book reviews is FUN and EXHAUSTING >.< Trying to figure out how much to say but not spoil the awesomeness (or soul-destroying, icicle-wielding plot bunnies) of the book? How to translate ALL OF THE FEELS in a semi-coherent, non-flailing manner? -> note: flailing around computers can sometimes knock them over O=) …. no I do not know that for any particular reason…. 🙂

So to save my poor computer from more bandaids, I thought I’d adopt the idea of extremely short reviews stuffed together for a quick and entertaining blog post. (but just for Fridays, don’t worry my lovelies!) ❤

These two books are part of the same series by one of my FAVORITE authors. I stopped by the Disney booth at BookCon JUST as they were putting out ARCs of Elite and there was quite a bit of dragonish glee being contained (so as not to scare the poor readers around me). 😀


Hunter (Book 1 of the Hunter Series) by Mercedes Lackey

A new dystopian featuring hell hounds bonding with human hunters, evil creatures from various world myths and a strong female MC – loved it!

Elite (Book 2 of the Hunter Series) by Mercedes Lackey

SOOO MANY FLUFFY and VICIOUS mythical hounds mixed with fae political intrigue in a dystopian setting – it’s JUST EPIC. Definitely need to read Hunter first!


Let’s Talk!

Have you read either of these books?!? Do you like short reviews or do you prefer more in-depth ones?


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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    I’ve vaguely heard of these but not looked into them much! BUT THIS SOUNDS LIKE MY KIND OF THING OMG. NEED FOR SURE.

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    1. Becca says:

      I LOVE THEM!! ❤ Then again, I'm a huge fan of the writer (almost as much as you love Maggie Stiefvater <3) so I'm incredibly biased towards them!


  2. I have heard of them and I like the authors other books but I heard bad things about these two. The thing is the covers are purdy and its about DRAGONS, so part of me say, how can it be bad?!


    1. Becca says:

      I’ve seen some bad reviews too, but most have been related to how it compares to other Dystopian books?? I don’t really read Dystopian so if there are overused tropes from that genre, I have NO idea what they are! So I LOVED THEM. (Also may secretly want the mythical hounds to be real…. they’re kind of similar to the Valdemar companions but mixed with the Suncats???? do those references seem at all logical? Lol. Sometimes when I .<)

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      1. Im sorry that I totally missed this comment!! I read a fair amount of dystopian when I think about it. I dont mind the tropes (most of them) what I was iffy about was if this was a dragons are friends or dragons are foes type book. Any book where dragons are hunted or dragon transform into people is not for me.


      2. Becca says:

        Ahhhh, the dragons are foes in this book. They aren’t quite “hunted” but if the MC runs into one, it usually attacks and she has to fight it. So you probably wouldn’t like it. 😦

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      3. It’s possible other aspects of the story would make up for it but in general I prefer when they are a team dynamic. Thank you 🙂


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