Own ALL the books, read OTHER books

Going book shopping is always at the top of my list when people ask what I’m going to do with my weekend (that and taking over the house for bookstagram pictures because OMG I HAVE AN OBSESSION GUYS!). * clears throat * Ahh, sorry, got distracted. Annnnyyway, book shopping = beautiful new books, which is awesome! But I also work at a library… where I see interesting books and instantly want to check them out and bring them home and read them and love them and…. Then the books I bought get comfy on my bookshelves and I forget all about them.


Does anyone else have this problem??

Recently, as I searched frantically for red, blue, green, * insert your favorite color here * book for the newest picture I wanted to take for bookstagram, I realized just HOW MANY books I own, but have never, ever read (or remembered #bookworm problems). So I thought I’d write a short post about a few of these books (and some of my more recent acquisitions, because some of the books I’ve had for YEARS I kind of wonder why I bought them?!? Must have been on sale. ->logical).


The White Queen by Philippa Gregory – Gregory’s books are hit or miss for me. My copy of her The Queen’s Fool is so well worn that it’s falling apart, but I think I returned the copy of The Red Queen by her because it was all religious fervor and a supremely angry/unsympathetic MC (which may be historically accurate, but I have to feel a little empathy otherwise it’s painful to read >.<). Thus, I’ve been putting this one off. I think I’ve owned it for… 2 years?

The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine – I am super excited for this book!!! I actually started it and it was phenomenal and then I stopped because what if it suddenly turned bad? Not rational in the slightest, but I just stopped and haven’t been able to convince myself to restart. It is super photogenic though O=-)

Grave Goods by Ariana Franklin – According to Goodreads I’ve read this?? I remember reading all of the other books in this series, but NOT this one AT ALL so we’re going to pretend the Goodreads rating never happened. It has also been in my TBR for, maybe, 2 years as I read the first 2 books, got halfway through the third on audiobook and had to stop due to sleepiness. At some point I will have to get back to them, because they are awesome books!


A Gentleman of Fortune by Anna Dean – This is a VERY recent purchase, but I’ve already picked it up twice and put it back down in favor of other books. It’s a regency mystery (my favorite form of mystery thank you very much), but it starts off with a letter written in this really weird font that makes my eyes cross. The plot sounds really interesting, so someday I will have to try and make it past the first page!

The Hawkweed Prophecy by Irina Brignull – I was lucky to get an ARC copy of this at BookCon this year, so I’ve only had it for a few months, but now it is out in hardcover and it makes me feel a bit like a slacker. I will totally admit the cover is what made me pick it up (because pretty covers must = great books right?), but the fantasy plotline still sounds pretty awesome. Maybe once I return my library books I will read this?


Let’s Talk!

Has anyone else read these books?? Do you buy a lot of books or do you have far more control than me? Do you buy books based on their cover too?


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  1. Oh dear. There’s actually challenges to “Read the Books you Buy” so you know that it’s a common problem. I love your pics, so definitely keep getting the ones with the nice colours that you need to continue taking them 😉

    But… on a more important note – HAVE YOU NOT READ A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES?????????????? You’re talking to a real fan here!

    I actually haven’t read any of the other books, although a few of them are on my TBR. The covers and colours are stunning though!

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    1. Becca says:

      I HAVE read ACOTAR ❤ and desperately need to get to ACOMAF!! OMG, Lucien and Rhysand were my favorites in book 1, and I hear they only get better in book 2! I think it just happened to be in all the pictures that showed my other books that I hadn't read yet – because it's soooooo pretty 🙂 I have bought a lot of books recently because their colors will look fabulous in photos (plus I like/want to read them) so the colorful photos shall continue :D!

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