Book Traveling Thursdays: A soon-to-be-classic

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Last week I joined Book Traveling Thursdays for the first time (a meme hosted every week by Cátia (from TheGirlWhoReadsTooMuch) and Danielle (from Danielle’s Book Blog) through a Goodreads group) and it was quite the blast. This week the theme is any book that will be a classic in a few years. Luckily, this is NOT a book I have to have read already -> classics and I tend not to get along (unless it’s Austen, because Darcy = snuggle worthy). But I’m going to pick a book I’ve read anyway BECAUSE IT TOTALLY SHOULD BE A CLASSIC. This book tore my heart out, ripped it to shreds, fed it to zombies, then nodded at me politely as it wandered away to the next political battlefield. Even if you don’t like zombies (and I usually fling my lunch at any zombie book silly enough to come near me, because just no), this is a book you could enjoy. Zombies are indeed everywhere, BUT the plot is so focused on being a political thriller (and the societal adaptations to the zombies is totally legit) that I DID NOT MIND. #not my normal read.

(In case you didn’t read last week, for this meme we get to pick one book, look at covers from around the world, then write a post about a) the original cover, b) the cover from our country, c) our favorite covers, and d) our least favorite covers (mwahahahaha). )

This book is called FEED by Mira Grant.

Original Cover

Original US cover 2010

 I like the minimalistic feel of this cover – plus the play on words!! FEED — Zombies feeding on the other humans, but also as in Newsfeed with the RSS symbol. PERFECTLY represents the book. ❤

Cover from my country

SAME as the above 😀

Favorite Covers from Elsewhere

Almost all of FEED’s covers look similar with minor stylistic changes – which is kind of cool to see when comparing between them. The French version (left) has the brighter red and a metallic square — reminiscent of some of the (super realistic!) tech in the book, while the German version (right) goes a more horror-esque route with the handprints and extra staining on the wall. I like them both, but the French one edges out as my favorite because a) SHINY (<- dragon) and b) I personally prefer the smaller subtitle.

Least Favorite Covers from Elsewhere

I was SUPER torn about these choices, because I can TOTALLY see why they would change the cover these ways. The Russian edition (with the tech girl and her zombie admirer) could easily be pulled from a scene in the book…. It is just a little too *OMG futuristic zombies * in your face for me –> personally would have preferred a slightly edited version of this, but also probably would NEVER have picked up the book because it highlights… zombies. The Bulgarian one (with the green filter) might be referencing the medical aspects of the book, but it is not a very.. pleasing shade of green. The last one I almost didn’t include, because of how similar it is to the ones I LOVE, but it is the simplest version and this is NOT a simple book. Tis – or should be – a classic. 😉

Let’s Talk!

HAVE YOU READ FEED?!? (* I have not read the rest of the books because I seriously don’t think I can HANDLE THE FEELS!! *) What books do you think will be classics in the future?


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